Benedict, sweetie… you know we love you, but we need to talk.  I think… I think you might have an addiction.  A blue shirt addiction.  We’re so proud of you for not wearing the chambray for this round of appearances, but that’s just the first step.  You need to let go.  We know blue makes your eyes sparkle, but think of all the other colors that you are ignoring?  Don’t they deserve a chance?  Don’t worry, we can get through this.  Take strength from your socks: your socks are the colors of the rainbow.  Meditate on them for a bit, let the socks speak to you.  We’re here for you every step of the way.


sherlollymouse asked:

TINY BESTIES!!! XD Wanna specially design a house around our height and live together?? You know, like, the type of place were we can reach everything and not have to risk life and limb to retrieve a water glass? You know, the kind of place where WE TOO can seamlessly crawl up onto a counter and sit there if we choose? The kind of place where we can reach the top shelves? We can dream, can't we???

benedictcumberbatchsitsinchairs answered:



I’m only 5’3.. can I play too?!

Sure, why not! 

My fridge decor says it all: